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Changes to Work Patterns during Covid-19 – New Podcast

As part of a new series of #InConversation Podcasts by Slugger O'Toole and Queen's, Dr John Moriarty talks about changes to work patterns during Covid-19.

Changes to Work Patterns during Covid-19 – New Podcast

Dr John Moriarty is a fellow in the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation and a sociology lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queens University.

In this podcast John chats about the changes to the workplace as a result of Covid-19.

As well as the obvious downsides, there have also been some positives to the lockdown. People are commuting less, meetings now take place online, saving time and money.

John also talks about the challenges of working from home, such as work encroaching ever more into your personal life and the mental health implications of isolation.

You can listen to John in conversation with Brian O’Neill from Slugger below.




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