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Memorials to Historical Institutional Abuse

In the latest of our series of Queen's Policy Engagement Briefing Papers, Dr Paula Shilliday looks at how and why society should remember and highlights some of the challenges involved.

Memorials to Historical Institutional Abuse

Historical institutional abuse (HIA) has been examined in multiple inquiries and commissions of investigation across the world. In Ireland, memorialisation has been included as a recommendation in the main inquiries and investigations into HIA. However, there is limited knowledge of the role and significance of remembering, or of what memorials mean to the people affected by abuse.

This policy paper draws on interviews with victims and survivors of HIA and their families, as well as professionals working in this area, to provide insights into the main features and functions of victim-centred memorial projects and the complexities which arise in remembering the wrongdoing.

To read or download this briefing paper, please click here. 


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