Queen's Policy Engagement

About Us

Queen’s Policy Engagement is the ‘front door’ for public policy engagement at Queen’s University Belfast, supporting academics and policymakers in sharing evidence-based research and ideas on the major social, cultural and economic challenges facing society regionally, nationally and beyond.

Our over-arching vision is to share the University’s independent expertise with policymakers so they can make informed decisions about the most effective and sustainable ways to tackle these challenges, now and in the future.

Our mission is to:

  • Facilitate the provision of independent evidence-based advice, guidance and information to policymakers, ensuring that policy formulation and law-making are informed by world-class research emerging from the University
  • Ensure Queen’s is at the heart of the public policy discourse, shaping and driving the debate on emerging challenges, helping policymakers to think ‘longer term’ and more strategically about the challenges facing us today
  • Cultivate and encourage engagement between the academic and the policymaker through effective methods of communication and mutually understandable language
  • Accelerate the socio-economic impact of research relating to public policy issues at Queen’s and raise awareness of the influence of the University’s research on government policy and legislation

We want to inspire intelligent debate between democratic institutions, academia and wider society in a vast array of policy areas including the economy, public health, social justice and more.

To read about some of the latest ideas and solutions to the major policy challenges of the day, and to find out more about Queen’s Policy Engagement, please explore our website and follow us on social media.


The views and opinions expressed in any article on this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of Queen’s University Belfast.