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Queen’s Social Charter Podcast – Episode 6: Mapping Greenways and Urban Regeneration

In episode six of the series, we focus on geography at work.

Queen’s Social Charter Podcast – Episode 6: Mapping Greenways and Urban Regeneration

Queen’s University’s Social Charter, launched in November 2017, shines a light on the significant contribution made by our students and staff and the positive impact we have on our society.

‘The Charter’, our podcast series, features interviews with some of those students and staff, and digs into some of the projects making a great contribution to our communities here at home and farther afield.

In Episode 6 of The Charter, Dr Niall Majury gives us an insight into the evolution of the ‘Geography at Work’ programme, an initiative that sees Geography undergraduate students working in collaboration with partners in the community and local government on projects with a positive social impact.

We also hear from students and partners who worked this academic year (2019-20) on two key projects.

Laura Thompson, Rebekah Gibson, Kirsty McLeod and Sarah Magee share their thoughts on their ‘Connecting Communities with Green Pathways’ project.

Niamh Moggan, Naomi Martin and Eimear Rodgers talk about their project, Mapping Urban Regeneration in the South Belfast Corridor.

And we hear from Dr Azadeh Sobout of the Forward South Partnership, a community partner of the team, as well as Sabine Kalke of Belfast City Council’s Department of Infrastructure.

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