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Queen’s Social Charter Podcast – Episode 5: Cancer Research and Mental Health

In episode five of the series, we focus on health, both physical and mental.

Queen’s Social Charter Podcast – Episode 5: Cancer Research and Mental Health

Queen’s University’s Social Charter, launched in November 2017, shines a light on the significant contribution made by our students and staff and the positive impact we have on our society.

‘The Charter’, our podcast series, features interviews with some of those students and staff, and digs into some of the projects making a great contribution to our communities here at home and farther afield.

In this episode, Professor Mark Lawler from the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research at Queen’s, outlines the history of the All-Ireland Cancer Consortium, created in the wake of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, and talks about a paper he and his co-authors published recently, showing just how effective the body has been.

Then Dr Karen Galway from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s tells us about how students and staff in the School have risen to the challenge of addressing mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and addresses the need for all of us to look after our mental health in this time of crisis.

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